Circles WS is The Shalom Project’s most ambitious undertaking in our history. This initiative takes advantage of a proven national model which equips and empowers low-income families to permanently move out of poverty. Of equal importance, our growing Circles WS community advocates for resolution of systemic barriers to escaping poverty in Winston-Salem.


Circles WS creates intentional relationships across race, class and culture to build pathways to self-sufficiency at the individual and community level. We believe that resolution of poverty requires:

  • compassionate emotional support
  • positive role models and mentoring
  • creative problem solving
  • effective decision-making strategies
  • committed institutional support

Circles WS is not an isolated program. We actively collaborate with community partners to develop comprehensive support and social capital in pursuit of poverty resolution. 


To learn more please contact:
Denise Terry, Circles Coordinator
Carol Wilson, Circles Coach
or visit the Circles WS Facebook page