Flourish is a high-impact poverty reduction model aimed to support women and their families who are on their journey out of poverty. This initiative is designed to bring together committed individuals and Flourish participants in a myriad of ways to work on goal setting, skill development, and relationship building to facilitate whole-person wellness necessary for families to transition out of poverty.

All participants gather weekly to share a meal and engage in a wide range of programming, which is provided by our Community Support Network.

We meet on Monday nights at Green Street UMC from 5:30 – 8:00 pm.

Contact Crystal Little, Flourish Director
to discuss how you can apply for the program or sign up to be a community support member.

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Female head-of-households between the ages of 21-55 with an annual income of less than $25,000 can apply for and join this program. These individuals are motivated to lead their family out of the cycles of poverty through improvement of financial stability, personal well-being, and career/educational goals.

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Middle- to upper-class individuals commit to building community with and supporting our participants on their journey out of poverty. 

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Community Support

Caring volunteers provide childcare, tutor school age children of Leaders, teach courses, and offer professional support.
Local non-profit organizations, businesses, and community members commit to providing resources needed to reduce/end local poverty.