Peters Creek Community Initiative

We Believe that the Peters Creek Community can be a thriving, beautiful environment that reflects diversity of income, ethnicity, race and culture. It should be a safe place where business owners and residents work together to create quality jobs, affordable housing, convenient shopping and services leading to a high quality of life.

Most of this is way off target, but the structure might be useful: Commercial strip corridors are a common sight in American towns and cities, but many are experiencing disinvestment, which results in vacant and underused properties such as abandoned gas stations and obsolete shopping strips. Despite this disinvestment, these corridors remain key to regional transportation networks. Many sites are ideal for reuse and redevelopment because of the high traffic volume they continue to experience. 


There can be many more pictures in the gallery above, but the idea is to show PC as it currently looks, the proposed site, a rendering, etc. EPA commissioned Restructuring the Commercial Strip: A Practical Guide for Planning the Revitalization of Deteriorating Strip Corridors (2010) to give communities guidance on how they can revitalize these commercial corridors to accommodate economic growth, reuse land already served by infrastructure, and reflect local character. Revitalization also has environmental benefits, including:

  • Cleaning up and reusing contaminated properties.
  • Protecting regional water quality by reducing the amount of paved surface in a watershed.
  • Decreasing air pollution by reducing driving distances to everyday destinations.

The report outlines comprehensive corridor revitalization strategies that pay careful attention to both sides of the right-of-way line, including:

  • Planning diverse land uses together so that they reinforce one other.
  • Right-of-way redesign to shift from automobile-oriented roadways to multimodal community streets.
  • Strategies to help local governments orchestrate revitalization efforts.